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My Inspiration

During my long artistic career, in many occasions I happened to paint some subjects of universal nature. Nevertheless, what I have always been interested in, in a very special way, is what I have been able to see by myself for many years, that is to say the Haitian popular life.

I take an intense delight in painting people, scenes, and landscapes that I know well. In my memory, an infinite variety of themes are waiting for my inspiration to signal them, so that they may be materialized with my brushes. The fruits and vegetables merchants, the “fresco” and sugar cane vendors, the fabrics, fishes, and food merchants etc…, such are a few of the numerous subjects that I am proud to present permanently in my website gallery.

On the subject of my market scenes, very often people are asking why I continually paint that theme. As a matter of fact, I must admit that I have a weakness for that subject, and I am going to tell you why: traveling through Haiti, it is undeniable that the most common occupation is a market scene. Such activity can be seen on the streets, on the hills, on the mountains, and in any small location.

At the beginning of my artistic career, I had to struggle relentlessly to make a name for myself among the painters of merit of my country. Guided by a kind of stupid prejudice, a few big shots of the Haitian painting stated that only the primitives and the painters without any talent and notoriety could take the liberty of painting market scenes which were considered as a pejorative subject. Nowadays this trend is fortunately inverted. My market scenes which are a characteristic of my works, are now in great demand, and can be seen in the most prestigious collections of Haiti and abroad.

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