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Today, I am 80 years old

Today December 17, 2014, I have the great honor to do my solemn entry to the prestigious club of octogenarians. I have therefore taken the final steps that lead directly to the Respectability, a starchy word which suits people who take themselves too seriously. As for me I don’t care, and I would feel ill if people who know me , would suddenly consider me a man worthy of respect and veneration of everybody. Furthermore I would have the impression to have my head in a noose if, for saying hello or for speaking to me, people had to pay deference to me, and call me “Sir” with a courtesy a tiny bit exaggerated.

Seriously now! It would be better to consider the realistic aspect of this important turning point in my life I must necessarily take into account the numerous small miseries inherent in my new and unavoidable name of OLD MAN. Among these small miseries we can mention: a back vaulted under the weight of years, a slow and heavy walk, watery eyes, a quavering voice, tufts of unwanted hair emerging from the auditory canal, an enlargement of the nose and ears, a shrinking of the lips, a mental weakening , a net trend toward senile rambling, etc.

In order to mitigate these nuisances, I made a commitment to look after my appearance at all times, to compel myself to daily physical exercises, to do my best to maintain my brain in perfect working condition, and to try as much as possible to keep my mind cool and young. Unfortunately these preventive steps will have no effect on the size of my ears, my lips, and my nose. Never mind. I will have to live with these new and inelegant facial mensurations. Anyway it doesn’t appear that the old men of nowadays will take part soon in any contest for the title of Mister Universe Old Age.

That said, I invite you to raise your glasses to my health and to wish me, as every year at this time, a happy birthday. Thank you.

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