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Imitation Of Style

My late father-in-law, the great master Petion Savain, did not seem annoyed at all when a young artist had committed the indelicacy of copying his colors, his drawing, and his style. He just used to say: "If someone copies my painting itís because it's worth it."

When Petion Savain was talking like that in my presence, I couldn't believe that I would have to face the same situation one day. Without any intention of showing off, I must acknowledge the fact that, nowadays, I am the Haitian painter most imitated. Like Savain, that's the least of my worries, even when some of my imitators are spreading all kind of stories.

One painter will declare for instance, that I am the one who taught him how to paint, and that at the beginning, unintentionally, he used to paint exactly like me. Now he got rid of my influence more or less, and has created his own style.

Another artist will announce that I was his teacher of painting and anatomy at the Salesian school, and that, in his career, he is guided only by me.

The funny thing is that, more often than not, the authors of these stories are painters that I have never met. I take this opportunity to thank them a lot for the great honor they make me, by imitating my style.

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