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While we are visiting an art exhibit, it happens sometimes that we stop in front of a painting which, at first glance, attracts us. And, during that special moment, we experience a large range of feelings not easily definable. At first, there is the more or less skilful composition of the work, the colors and the subtle tones used by the painter, the consummate know-how of the artist, without forgetting an intense and inexplicable emotion caused by the painting that we are admiring.

Nevertheless, even if the mind and the heart feel only a light emotion, it is essential that the work makes on the eyes a positive impression. The eyes must be admiring and satisfied. Otherwise, the mind and the heart will be moved, but in vain. As for the work, it will not transcend, if the eyes do not find any reason of delight and even of voluptuous pleasure.

On the whole, what sparks off this agreeable visual satisfaction? It's not easy to answer that question, since it may concern a classical triptych, a primitive painting, a Chinese work, or a modern mural. When the time comes to examine a painting apparently captivating, an important element is brought into play: a sure knowledge in the artistic field, in order to be able to appreciate the works related to all kinds of aesthetics: classical, neo-classical, naïve, modern, abstract, hyper realistic, etc…

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