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It seems that all kinds of unexpected and annoying events happen to me every now and then. Am I in the clouds? Is my intelligence rusty? Or am I simply dogged by persistent bad luck?

Anyway in the daily behavior of my life, there is certainly something wrong somewhere. After reading the following, you will probably take pity on me.

In the midst of the summer of 2007, while visiting my sonsí home in Miami, I went out to the front yard of the apartments building where they live to throw away two bags of garbage. The garbage is piled up in a metal container situated in a small wooden enclosure.

To open the door, you only have to handle a simple bolt, which I did with little difficulty. I approached the metal container to throw in my two bags. Unfortunately an impetuous wind arose suddenly, and violently closed the door behind me, producing a worrying clap.

So there I am prisoner in a small space stuffed with garbage. As you can imagine, the bolt of the door can only be handled from the outside.

Panic-stricken, I tried to kick down this awful door. Alas, this action is only successful in the movies, and I was compelled to think of another way to make my escape, especially since I had my toes on fire.

Considering my great age, and the arthritic condition of my joints, climbing this door to regain my freedom was out of the question. I desperately threw up my hands above the door of the enclosure, only doing so in vain. The few neighbors who probably had noticed me, obviously did not want to come close to a stranger who could be a lunatic or a criminal. Thank goodness they did not call 911.

Finally, I tried to calm down. I took a deep breath, and realized that leaning against the door with all my strength was the most effective action to take. I was able to obtain a very small crack, but large enough to slide my little finger into and unbolt that odious door.

Phew! What a relief!

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