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My Grandchildren

I can't resist the temptation of introducing you to my two adorable grandchildren: Tristian 3 years old, and Yesenia, 1 year old.

Tristian and Me

Yesenia And Me

Tristian, a little boy very smart and very alive, is the unique child of my youngest son Tao, and his wife Isadora. Tristian is crazy about going to the malls with Grandpa and Grandma, because they are always so happy to let him have one or many rides in all kind of little cars, planes and trains. And, since he is fond of Spiderman, Granpa and Granma do not hesitate in putting him at the height of happiness, buying for him a bunch of articles wearing the picture of his hero.

Tristian speaks quite well, but he has a tendency to mix up english and spanish. Nevertheless when he wants to express his joy, he prefers to make it in a well defined language. As a proof of my assertion, let me tell you that recently, in a car with his father and his granparents, he was talking as usual in his current mixture of languages. But when he saw the big yellow M of a Mc Donald, he opened his eyes wide and yelled frantically: " VAMOS P'ALLA " that means Lets go there.

Yesenia is a big girl who has been walking lately. She is the unique child of my elder son Vadim, and his wife Erika.

Yesenia doesn't speak but manages to make herself understood, specially when it is a question of food. She has a hearty appetite and will eat anything greedily, including the most tasteless baby food.

Smiling continuously this baby is capable of playing for hours with any kind of object. When I think that Vadim has already purchased twenty five dolls and two dozens of expensive toys for his daughter, its amazing to note that Yesenia takes more pleasure in playing with a magazine, a book, a cardboard box, a ballpoint, a simple plastic bottle, a pair of eyeglasses and above all her dad cellphone.

But now that she walks, she will stop tearing up newspapers, magazines and books, to devote herself to demolish everything she will meet on her uncoordinated way.

"Thank God" said Vadim, "she will find nothing to break. For the next months my apartment will remain as empty as a monastic room".

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