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Furthermore, you could separate yourself by suggesting that you perform specialty fuel injection work that increases mileage. Be creative and think about two or three things that you do really well and create a brand identity around that theme. That will get your brand noticed!The fact that your vehicle is mobile means that you will be taking your message to geographies that the Yellow Pages or Internet could never penetrate. Penetrate a market by simply driving to it!It is a competitive advantage that will differentiate you from your competition. It is precisely that brand differentiation that will transform your company into a brand that is coveted by consumers in your market. It is a fact that you will receive more impressions from people looking at your vehicle than through the Yellow Pages.

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Whenever I see this, I’m reminded of the “Where’s the beef?” ad campaign, and I think, “Where’s the data viz?” Although Sketch Rockwell is one of my all time favorite fonts, this is a perfect example of relying too much on typography.

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Rather than looking at the concept on a billboard, a graphic information designer might analyze the proper font size to use for traffic passing the billboard at 40mph, so as to have maximum impact.

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We expect to see more modular layouts this year, both in print and web design.

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When it comes to color, the difference in RGB and CMYK is all I had really paid attention to, thinking, “one is for print, one is for web how hard can it be?” However, from personal experience, I can say that color is much more complicated and harder to match to what exact shade/tone you were aiming for, than I thought.