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Alain Wertheimer, who was the live wire behind the company, responsible for its post coco surge in popularity, adopted intelligent and radical measures, that boosted the sale of their signature product, "Chanel No. 5" perfume worldwide. Alain reduced the number of outlets worldwide, selling "Chanel No. 5" perfume, from 18,000 to 12,000, and withdrew the perfume from the shelves of drugstores. This was followed by a worldwide advertising campaign costing millions of dollars. The twin measures created both a scarcity and demand for the celebrated product, and sales sky rocketed worldwide. In 1981, Chanel launched a new Eau de Toilette for men, known as "Antaeus. " Alain, then adopted new strategies, and engaged the services of an experienced designer Karl Lagerfield in 1983, in order to take the Chanel label to new heights. Karl Lagerfield took over the haute couture design in 1983, and ready to wear lines in 1984. At the beginning Lagerfield looked to past Chanel designs for inspiration, and worked on keeping the classic channel look, in order to maintain the Chanel legend. His designs incorporated signature Chanel details, tweed fabrics, gold chains, quilt stitched leather, and the linked "CC" logo.

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If you want another interesting way of highlighting text, you can give a section a border or a background colour.

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Make images vertical and add textThis is essential for Pinterest, if you already have images for your blog, but they aren’t vertical, you’ll need to make new ones in order for your posts to be seen.

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This application is suited for both digital ad designers as well as file recipients like publishers, prepress suppliers and printers.

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