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Please share with your friends and family for more Pinterest followers all round!There are many group boards that grant you access to thousands of followers simply by requesting an invite from the board administrator. Pin groupie. com is a great way of finding these boards and assessing how many followers/contributors they have prior to requesting an invite. You can also just follow other pinners and see what group boards they’ve joined. Pinterest has updated as of 2017 and the way to tell if a board is a group board is by looking at the circle enclosing images of multiple contributors. The instructions for requesting an invite from the administrator the first image shown on the contributor list are placed in the group board’s bio or their profile’s bio, it varies.

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Cut costs, not quality.

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A Coat of Arms can be an unusual leaving present for a co worker.

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100 Ideas that changed Graphic Designis very wide ranging, informative and frequently stimulating, shedding light on connections between disparate phenomena.

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Students typically participate in several graduate level seminars discussing issues such as sustainability in design, packaging design, and typography.