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Inspired by his firm and work, a group called the Century Guild consisting of a few young designers and artists, decided to create a magazine called The Century Guild Hobby Horse which consisted of many art pieces and articles relating to the arts and craft movement, along with the decadent movement and some art nouveau. Its paper was handmade, and included woodblock illustrations, which the served the arts and craft movement advocates well. This movement not only encouraged the use of using human hands instead of machinery to create art, but it also encouraged beautiful thought out aesthesis in design compositions, rules, and materials so that art was able to become respected through its original form, once again. Though easy reproduction was great for advertising and the ability to share and communicate ideas, the arts and crafts movement emphasized the importance of art within printing. Mackmurndo, the one who started The Century Guild Hobby Horse, introduced how intricate and “art like” design and typography can be, to William Morris. Morris quickly became passionate about margins, layout, typography, and all the possibilities of book design once Mackmurndo explained the techniques and processes that go into the design world, and how similar the techniques are to his idea of art.

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In addition to institutional accreditation, students should look for programs that are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design NASAD.

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These programs are often 1 or 2 years.

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Beginning courses include art history, drawing, illustration, and painting, which help students develop the basic artistic ability they will use for later design work.

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Second, I have found potential clients to be more receptive of a price scale, because they feel like you are open to working with them on getting them to that lower end of the scale.